Coenagrion scitulum (Dainty Bluet/Dainty Damselfly)

These delicate little creatures used to exist in the UK but now seem to be considered extinct, unless they manage to recolonize. Ours are from our favourite southern French campsite, though I fear a recent switch to intensive farming of Koi Carp has now eradicated them at that site, too. If my fears are realized, it’s very sad. 🙁

The only really confusing look-alike to C. scitulum (with 2½ black abdominal segments at S5-7) is C. caerulescens, which I have yet to find.

Id Notes

  • long, pale pterostigmas
  • ♂ – fancifully described “cat’s head” or “tuning fork” black mark on S2
  • ♂ – S3-5 ~half black, S6&7 all black
  • ♀ green-brown to blue with abdominal dorsal markings resembling torpedoes
female in tandem
in cop

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