Chalcolestes viridis (Western Willow Spreadwing/Willow Emerald Damselfly)

[Formerly known as Lestes viridis.]

The slight curiosity that lays its eggs in live branches overhanging water. Relatively large, though the males look quite delicate, they have a habit of hanging around in trees a lot. There’s a good population of them at our favourite southern French campsite. They are now spreading out into other parts of the UK from their initial base in Suffolk.

Id Notes

  • head, thorax and abdomen metallic green
  • large, pale pterostigma
  • prominent green sharp, spur-mark pointing forwards on side of thorax
  • ♂ – does not develop any pruinosity (cf. other Lestes)
  • ♀ – ovipositor dark but with a pale (whitish) lower border
in tandem ovipositing

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