Tramea limbata (Sociable Glider)

This is a widespread species throughout sub-Saharan Africa, the Indian peninsular and Myanmar (Burma, as was. We saw ours on our trip around Sri Lanka in 2019 where it is given the common name of Sociable Glider.

There’s quite a collection of Tramea species, so-called “Gliders”, often basically red in colour and sporting “saddlebags” at the roots of the hindwings. They can look a little confusing. Compare this to T. virginia which we saw in Hong Kong and which is actually called the Saddlebag Glider.

Id Notes

  • abdomen dark red with black at the base of each segment
  • abdominal segments 8, 9 & 10 largely black
  • dark brown patch at the roots of hindwings, tapering rearwards.
  • pterostigmas dark brown
in flight