Crocothemis nigrifrons (Black-headed Skimmer)

I’m used to Crocothemis species being red in the European and African theatres so to come across the blue abdomen of a mature male Crocothemis nigrifrons (Black-headed Skimmer) in Australia was interesting, to say the least. In Australia it is the only example of its genus and ranges widely with records from almost all the way around the coastal strip with the exception of some of the Great Australian Bight. It is also found in Indonesia, PNG and the Solomon Islands.

I do love to visit botanic gardens; they are usually very productive. I found my C. nigrifrons on two visits to the Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens in Brisbane and on the river running beside the Emerald Botanic Garden. Being fond of perching beside/over water, they proved quite photogenic.

I found them again in 2022 and I’m still missing a female.