European Dragonflies

Here is our catalogue of dragonflies (Anisoptera) all in one place so, as I like to do, you can simply scroll through the lot.

The flags indicate which, of the countries we more regularly visit, the species occur in. Turkey is an exception since we’ve not been there, it just explains why a couple are in the European list.

Migrant Hawker
Blue-eyed Hawker/Southern Migrant Hawker
Green-eyed Hawker/Norfolk Hawker
Brown Hawker
Blue Hawker/Southern Hawker
Moorland Hawker/Common Hawker
Blue Emperor/Emperor Dragonfly
Lesser Emperor
Hairy Hawker/Hairy Dragonfly
Common Clubtail/Club-tailed Dragonfly
Yellow Clubtail
Western Clubtail
Large Pincertail/Blue-eyed Hooktail
Small Pincertail/Green-eyed Hooktail
Common Goldenring/Golden-ringed Dragonfly
Sombre Goldenring
Downy Emerald
Yellow-spotted Emerald
Eurasian Baskettail/Two-spotted Dragonfly
Orange-spotted Emerald
Four-spotted Chaser
Broad-bodied Chaser
Blue Chaser/Scarce Chaser
Black-tailed Skimmer
White-tailed Skimmer
Keeled Skimmer
Southern Skimmer
Epaulet Skimmer
Long Skimmer
Slender Skimmer
Small Whiteface/White-faced Darter
Yellow-spotted Whiteface/Large White-faced Darter
Black Darter
Ruddy Darter
Spotted Darter/Marshland Darter
Red-veined Darter
Common Darter
Highland Darter
Island Darter
Southern Darter
Broad Scarlet/Scarlet Darter
Oriental Scarlet
Violet Dropwing/Violet-marked Darter

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