European Damselflies

The idea behind our galleries is that they show what I consider to be our best efforts at capturing all the species we’ve identified on one page so they can browsed easily all together. This is how I like to view them myself. Of course, if my choice of shots for a particular species is limited, then I’ve had to include those anyway. šŸ˜‰

My sequence is not random, as it may appear, but follows the excellent (you might say standard) reference work, Field Guide toĀ theĀ Dragonflies of Britain and Europe (Dijkstra/Lewington).

Banded Demoiselle
Western Demoiselle/Yellow-tailed Demoiselle
Beautiful Demoiselle
Copper Demoiselle
Common Spreadwing/Common Emerald Damselfly
Robust Spreadwing/Scarce Emerald Damselfly
Migrant Spreadwing/Southern Emerald Damselfly
Small Spreadwing/Small Emerald Damselfly
Western Willow Spreadwing/Willow Emerald Damselfly
Dark Spreadwing
Common Winter Damsel/Winter Damselfly
Common Bluetail/Blue-tailed Damselfly
Common Bluet/Common Blue Damselfly
Azure Bluet/Azure Damselfly
Variable Bluet/Variable Damselfly
Mercury Bluet/Southern Damselfly
Dainty Bluet/Dainty Damselfly
Large Redeye/Red-eyed Damselfly
Small Redeye/Small Red-eyed Damselfly
Blue-eye/Goblet-marked Damselfly
Large Red Damsel/Large Red Damselfly
Small Red Damsel/Small Red Damselfly
Blue Featherleg/White-legged Damselfly
Orange Featherleg/Orange White-legged Damselfly
White Featherleg

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